Warby Parker: Glasses Make You Look Smart and Help Others See

It’s the New Year! Well, kind of, 12 days into 2012, and if you are in need of a spiffy new look to get you going on your resolutions, NOTHING says you’re ready to tackle something really smart and important more than slipping on a brand new set of frames. Trust me, I’ve been misleading strangers since 1991.

Warby Parker offers stylish specs at a fraction of the cost of ones found at your local shopping mall, and the best part is, with your purchase of each pair of Warby Parker glasses, you are also:

  1. buying a pair for someone in need,
  2. training low-income entrepreneurs in developing countries to start their own business of selling glasses, who in turn, sell affordable eyewear to their local communities
  3. empowering individuals in these communities to better learn and work.

With over 85,000 pairs of glasses distributed, and through their training of local vision entrepreneurs in developing countries, Warby Parker, in partnership with non-profits such as VisionSpring, are true social enterprise visionaries (sorry, had to do it) that have inspired me today.

Thank you Warby Parker for making our world wonderful.


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