Waste Ventures is Worthwhile

My wife and I returned from our honeymoon in India a few weeks ago and I have to admit that it’s been nice to crawl back into the creature comforts of home – the fresh crisp winter air, and the absence of crowds and ‘beeping’ trishaws.

India is many things, it’s the land of spices and chutneys, the people are spiritual and friendly, and their bazaars are lively and bustling. One thing India is not, however, is clean. Which, actually, worked in my favour in setting a lowered standard of cleanliness for our home, hopefully, for the rest of our lives. “It’s not as bad as India.”

Waste Ventures, like my wife, is not having it. Waste Ventures is providing organizational assistance in creating profitable, waste picker-owned and operated businesses by empowering them with a solid waste management blueprint for recycling, composting, and earning carbon credits for waste collected. Their goal – attracting commercial investment and reducing the environmental and social harm of waste accumulation.

Check out Waste Ventures’s very worthwhile mission and inspiring objectives!

Thank you Waste Ventures for making our world wonderful.


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