Better World Books Beats Bieber

I love books, and like most people I know, have purchased at least one book online through the standard sites that offer “free shipping on orders over $25”. It’s funny and a little bit sad how I can never get the book I want for exactly $25. It’s usually a few dollars shy, which is good I guess, except that I end up spending the next two hours trying to find something else to cover the difference. One thing I’ve learned, it’s nearly impossible to find a book I’ll actually read for $3.

I think I’ve found a solution, and much more, in Better World Books. Better World Books offers free shipping worldwide with NO MINIMUM PURCHASE! It’s true! But that’s just the beginning of the phenomenal awesomeness of this book retailer. First off, they have tons of new and used books, which I guess they probably should, but on top of that, they operate as a triple bottom line business. It’s like how Justin Bieber is a ‘triple threat’ with his angelic voice, fancy feet, and cameo worthy acting chops, but Better World Books beats Bieber by:

  1. generating funding with every book they sell to support literacy programs with their over 80 literacy partners
  2. offering customers carbon neutral shipping
  3. being accountable to their employees, customers, literacy partners, investors and the environment

If you haven’t checked them out, you definitely should. Did I mention that they have as of October 1, 2011:

  • donated over 5.8 million books
  • raised over $10.6 million for literacy
  • funded specific projects through their LEAP grants
  • re-used and recycled over 80 million pounds of books
  • reached 25,000 tons of carbon offsets on shipping

Better World Books is truly a role model worth obsessing over, and I’m sure if it were a person, it could sing, dance and act too!

Thanks Better World Books for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What’s the next book you’ll buy?


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