Would Brad Pitt and MASS Be Good Friends?

I’ve always heard stories of a friend’s brother’s, best friend’s sister, venturing off to a distant country in Africa or secluded town in India to build a school or orphanage, admittedly, part of me has always wanted to go with them. Unfortunately, I think I’d be more likely to hinder and delay the construction process and very possibly hammer a nail through my thumb than to contribute positively to the process. Or, stories of construction and rebuilding when a movie star like Brad Pitt, who, after the 2005 Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, commissioned architecture firms to rebuild the Lower Ninth Ward through the Make It Right project.

MASS Design Group (MASS) is quietly creating massive social change today and tomorrow through architectural design and the building process by helping to plan and construct efficient, effective and empowering Well-Built Environments in communities where resources are limited.

A couple of their latest projects:

Butaro Hospital Rwanda: Opened in January 2011, MASS in collaboration with the Rwandan Ministry of Health and Partners In Health, designed the hospital to mitigate and reduce transmission of airborne disease through installation of germicidal UV lights, non-permeable flooring, taking advantage of natural ventilation, and structuring patient and staff flow to list just a few strategies.


  • 400,000 people served by district hospital
  • 3,898 people trained with marketable construction skills
  • 100% local labour
  • 140 new ward beds
  • 12 physicians on staff

Policy Initiative Liberia: Collaborating with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare in Liberia, MASS assisted the Liberian Government to form new Health Infrastructure Standards, through design, to reduce spread of infectious disease, improve patient comfort, and minimize maintenance and operational costs.


  • 205 new or renovated health facilities
  • 131 projects scheduled for construction, under construction or completed
  • 27 new clinics
  • 16 new hospital rehabs
  • 4 new hospitals

Along with their growing list of design and construction projects, MASS has started a fellowship program, where young designers and researchers will work at design laboratories in hospitals around the world to improve quality in all healthcare systems.

Thank you MASS Design Group for making our world wonderful!

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: If we can get over 100 “yes” votes in the poll below by February 1, 2012, I’ll commit to working on getting MASS added to this list.  


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