Turning Bang Bang to Bling Bling

Through my travels I’ve learned that different folks from different backgrounds approach safety and security differently. In the US, for example, “cowboys” believe that personal security comes from having a gun to protect their land, in contrast, as a Canadian, I remember the anxiety that grew from just walking beside an officer who had a machine gun slung nonchalantly across his shoulder in India. Clearly, I’m no model of Canadian bravery.

In more extreme cases, such as conflict regions in Africa, heavy-duty assault rifles like AK47 are cheap, widely accessible and a daily reality that inflict fear on innocent civilians and hinder development progress. Peter Thum and John Zapolski are fighting back; funding the removal and destruction of  AK47s and other assault weapons to create luxurious, beautiful jewelry with the help of master craftsmen Ronald Iten and Philip Crangi.

Through Fonderie 47, its founders are building an international awareness and inspiring leaders in Africa and globally to take action and think creatively about assault weapon disarmament. It’s a truly powerful visual to see the assault rifle and the destruction and pain it embodies, transformed into an inspired piece of hopeful jewelry.

So far, the Fonderie 47 accessories line consists of:

  • a limited, numbered pair of mechanical cufflinks; each set destroys 100 assault rifles in Africa
  • handmade, men’s custom rings; each ring destroys 75 assault rifles in Africa
  • steel fused, 18k yellow gold earrings; each pair destroys 500 assault rifles in Africa

Touted as the world’s most expensive cufflinks at over $30,000, and only available through exclusive invite-only events, Fonderie 47, in every way, has created beauty and scarcity out of something destructive, and disgustingly abundant.

Thank you Fonderie 47 for making our world wonderful!


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