Who Made Your (Under)Pants?

Who Made Your Pants? is the name of a company started by Becky John in Southhampton, UK, that poses a question that, I don’t think, gets asked often enough; not the specific question of who’s making my underwear, but “Who Made My ______?” The reality is, I guess, much of what we consume in the western world is manufactured with cheaper labour, in ‘not-so-nice’ factories, in developing countries.

Established as a worker cooperative Who Made Your Pants? is owned and operated by its members, and empowers refugee women from conflict regions such as Afghanistan, Somalia and Sudan, to learn the craft of sewing and creating luxurious lingerie. The business has helped the women find passion in what they’re doing while giving them greater self confidence and hope for reaching their personal goals, whether it’s learning to drive or pulling themselves out of poverty, Who Made your Pants? brings joy to its members and makes its customers, and likely their significant others, happy.

Profits from the cooperative are not only used to cover overhead but are reinvested into additional training and support for members, and of course, in purchasing fabric – sourced from leftover, end of season materials of large underwear manufacturers, truly turning their waste into gorgeous lingerie that is rightfully treasured.

You can purchase Who Made Your Pants? lingerie here.

Thank you Who Made Your Pants? for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: Where do your pants come from?


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