Sharing Backyards Proves Fruitful

I recently moved out of my tiny 500 sqft apartment in the city to a spacious house in the suburbs; with a lawn in the front and a massive yard in the back that could comfortably sit two of my old apartment units, it feels like I’m living in a community park. Besides running around and rolling in the grass, I’m completely lost as to what to do with all this outdoor space.

Sharing Backyards is a simple yet ingenious initiative that facilitates urban gardening. Similar to a dating service, but not, it matches homeowners who have the space to garden but either don’t have the desire, know-how, or time, with those who want to garden but don’t have the outdoor space.

Sharing Backyards asks us to “imagine a world where everyone has access to healthy, local, organic food,” and through its program sets to achieve such a wonderful world by aiming to provide anyone and everyone wanting to grow food the yard space to do it.

Through partnership with a network of Yard Sharing Programs that promote the initiative locally, Sharing Backyards is connecting neighbours, homeowners and gardeners throughout Canada, the US, and New Zealand, and bringing under-appreciated yards to life with fruitful garden partnerships that share the cost of gardening supplies and the crops of fresh food produced.

To start gardening, or to offer up your yard, visit the Sharing Backyards website here and see if there is already a program in place in your area, if not, you’re encouraged to start one! Sharing Backyards will supply you with set up details and the tools that will get you gardening!

Thank you Sharing Backyards for making our world wonderful!

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What would you grow in your backyard?



One comment

  1. I love this idea; it’s definitely a step in the right direction. That is why I think the idea of Hydroponics is also another great thing , going into the future. It allows people – from all over the world – to have access to foods they might not be able to cultivate in their areas. Great post and I look forward to sharing more from you:)

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