Bikeworks Frames Cycle of Change

I have to admit, I’m a driver, and when I’m driving, there’s nothing more honk-worthy than an out of shape cyclist riding in the middle of the road, taking up an entire lane. I can never get myself to tap the horn but the long string of cars behind and in front usually make their unhappiness known.

With that said, I do enjoy cycling, and on occasion probably have been noticed by drivers as the honk-worthy, pudgy cyclist riding in the centre of the road, so, if nothing else, I can empathize with both sides.

Armed with bicycles as their tool, Bikeworks has been tackling social and environmental challenges since 2008. The company reinvests 100% of its profits into their community bicycle programs and cycling activities, which has introduced thousands of people to cycling, recommissioned thousands of broken bikes, and helped hundreds in disadvantaged communities gain valuable skills, upping their employability in the industry.

Bikeworks’s community programs include:

  • Cycle Tours: fun and affordably priced, guided tours to all key London 2012 Olympic sites
  • Special Olympics Training Program: free training offered every other Saturday for people with learning disabilities to build confidence, improve health and work towards participating in regional and national Special Olympics competitions
  • Cycle into Work: trainees spend two days a week, one instructed in bike mechanics, half day in the workplace applying their new skills, and the other half day training to become cycling instructors, with the opportunity to gain accredited professional qualifications in bicycle mechanics and national standards cycle instruction
  • On-site Business Surveys: provide Cycling Consultants who survey a company’s needs and requirements to facilitate easy cycle-to-work opportunities, from helping choose a cycle rack to incorporating changing room and shower requirements and on-site employee cycling training

Bikeworks was recognized as the Best Social enterprise in 2011 at the Private Business Awards by PWC and in 2009, took home Best New social enterprise honours.

Thank you Bikeworks for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: Where was the last place you biked to?


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