Quinoa Vodka? Goji Liqueur? All’s FAIR.


I’ve heard of fair trade coffee and chocolate but today was the first time I came across fair trade vodka and liqueurs. FAIR., the first Fair Trade spirits brand in the world, mixes the best French distillers with cooperatives producing Fair Trade ingredients in developing economies, to produce their ultra premium FAIR. spirits.

Fair. finds innovative ingredients not normally associated with spirits to develop unique flavours such as:

  • FAIR. Quinoa Vodka: first quinoa-based vodka in the world blending the craftsmanship of French distillers and Bolivian cooperative farmers, nominated Best Tasting Vodka at the 2009 New York Spirits Awards and awarded the Gold Medal at the 2009 Chicago Beverage Testing Institute
  • FAIR. Goji Liqueur: harvested by Tibetan monks for thousands of years the goji berry is considered one of the most nutritious fruits on earth, this liqueur is made with Fair Trade cane sugar grown harvested in Malawi through a cooperative of independent farmers
  • FAIR. Cafe Liqueur: slow roasting and double filtration accentuates the rich flavours of the Fair Trade, organic coffee beans harvested through a cooperative of small producers in the Huatusco mountains of Mexico, this liqueur was recognized for Best tasting liqueur at the 2011 New Spirits Awards
With their commitment to building lasting partnerships with cooperatives and dedication to developing top quality spirits with innovative ingredients that leave customers wanting more, FAIR. has concocted a cocktail that ensures sustainable development that is truly fair.
Thank you FAIR. for making our world wonderful.
LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: Which FAIR. spirit are you most curious in trying?


  1. joe

    Sounds superb, will have to try it asap. thanks so very much.


  2. joe

    I would like to know if they have marshmellow flavor, i know what most ppl are saying but i have tryed it once and it is pretty darn good.


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