Moral Fibers Ups Morale Through Art

How great would it be to do what you love, showcase your talents, support your family and uplift your community all at the same time? A group of talented artists ranging in age from 13-37 from Carrefour, Haiti, have this opportunity through Moral Fibers.

Moral Fibers empowers individuals and communities by providing talented artists in Haiti jobs through licensing their artwork, transforming it to clothing, and connecting them to socially conscious, fashion forward customers.

Operating as a for-profit, Moral Fibers is leading the movement that focuses on long-term sustainability through their partnership with employees and artists in the developing world, offering a ‘hand-up’ as opposed to a ‘handout’. “Moral Fibers does not give handouts, we give opportunities.”

By purchasing a shirt, the consumer not only receives a high-quality piece of beautifully designed, original art they can wear, but for each shirt sold, the artist directly receives 15% of revenues, the equivalent of 24 hours worth of minimum wage – enough to feed one family member for a whole month. Additionally, Moral Fibers donates 10% of profits to a humanitarian cause as chosen by the artist.

Want to get involved? Moral Fibers is looking for full-time interns and part-time Grassroots Representatives. Click here to join this very awesome, worthwhile movement.

*Image above is an original artwork by Gurrier Pouchon, a Moral Fibers artist.

Thank you Moral Fibers for making our world wonderful!

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: Which do you think can create more good: for-profit or non-profit?



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