EcoScraps Loves Food Waste

As the guys are out today during their lunch hour, they’re likely not enjoying a meal chatting alongside their colleagues, rather they’re probably at a local mall buying flowers and chocolates to show their better half how much they love and cherish them. Food has always been a part of celebrations, and today we celebrate love by writing about food. Well, more like food waste…

EcoScraps is a company cofounded by current CEO, Dan Blake, which collects and processes leftover fruits and vegetables that have gone bad from wholesale food distributors and grocery stores, and transforms them into 100% organic soil ideal for home gardens, flower beds and potting plants.

The idea struck Blake in 2009 while enjoying an all-you-can-eat breakfast; he noticed large stacks of uneaten food being thrown away by the restaurant’s patrons, and like a true entrepreneur, started a conversation with his brother about ways to monetize on people’s food waste. After much experimentation, EcoScraps and its environmentally friendly compost product was born.

Some fun facts about EcoScraps:

  • no soil amendments traditionally found in commercial soils like blood meal, bone meal, or animal waste is used
  • EcoScraps soil is “so organic you can eat it”
  • using EcoScraps soil removes food waste from landfills and decreases methane emissions, and directly impacts in protecting our environment

Want to buy their compost mix, check out their products here!

Thank you EcoScraps for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: Where are you having dinner this Valentine’s Day?


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