Photographers Setting Positive Prints Everywhere

With tiny cameras on phones and the millions of pictures posted on Facebook and other social media daily, it feels like photography, today, is the medium of choice in our daily interactions with one another. With a simple click of our phones, anyone can claim to be a photographer. True photography, though, in my opinion, is an art form that’s a work in progress requiring commitment and years to master.

Give Prints was started by a photographer who wanted to help other photographers publicize their work while at the same time, helping organizations helping others around the worlds. Give Print photographers are giving their talents to GIVE to selected Give Print charities. “Just as one values the beauty of a print, Give Prints values the beauty of lives changed.”

With nearly 20 featured photographers from across the US and one from Ireland, Give Prints is a growing movement of inspired photographers who have donated their art to support the Give Prints initiative of giving 50% of profits to a partner charity of the customer’s choice. Give Prints currently supports 9 charities that include: Three Angels Relief – providing hope to children in Haiti, Discover the Journey – journalists and storytellers who expose injustices towards children, and the International Princess Project which helps free women in India from prostitution. To check out the other charities Give Prints supports, click here.

As a photographer, you can get involved by sending 5 low res photos or a web portfolio link here. Non-profits can submit their organization for review here.

Thank you Give Prints for making our world wonderful.

*The photograph above was taken by Samantha May; prints are available at Give Prints.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What was the last picture you took, and how did you share it?


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