Dating Site for Local Food Businesses

“..It’s like a dating site for local food businesses..” Sustaination is an online social platform that connects businesses and organizations to buy and sell with local food producers. Based on each others’ set preferences such as purchase volume and proximity, matches are made, and the search begins!

Buyers and sellers can post offers, send messages, request seasonal specials and give updates through their Local Activity feed. Connections also allow for collaboration with other local groups and joining big orders for distribution efficiencies.

Who benefits?

Farmers, local businesses and customers: selling and buying direct and collaborating on distribution with other local businesses, helps control costs, which leads to better pricing for the end customer while increasing revenues for producers and suppliers.

Pubs, Hotels and Bakers: reduces time required to find new, good and consistent supplies of locally sourced food by allowing owners and operators to connect with many suppliers at once.

Sustaination helps producers and operators bring local food from local people to their communities, not only that but by purchasing more directly, everyone wins! Currently by invite-only, you can register here.

Thank you Sustaination for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: Would you buy local, fresh food if it were more accessible?


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