World Change Starts with Rice

I grew up enjoying a bowl of rice every evening as part of our family dinner, and still today, when I  have supper with my parents, rice plays a starring role in our meal. Although rice no longer has a daily presence in my diet, when I do make it, there is a sense of comfort that comes along with it. Rice is truly one of my comfort foods.

Rural Returns is a Sri Lankan non profit that is striving to economically empower farmers living in rural area by identifying unique, market-oriented local products, like rice, and helping them bring their goods to stable, fair price paying markets through non-exploitative value chains. By building or influencing existing value chains, their mission is to keep a greater share of profits within the producer communities, allowing them to save and invest in themselves.

Rural Returns is based on  J. Charitha Ratwatte and DC Jayasundera‘s belief that “every community has something that they are so good at; or that is so unique to them; or that for whatever reason, only they can do – or do well.” They are committed to leveraging the comparative advantage of these farmers and rural communities to achieve higher incomes resulting in community-lead, sustainable economic development.

In Sri Lanka, over half of the labour force is in rural communities with agriculture employing around one third of workers. Rural Returns is working with practitioners, academics and Sri Lankan agribusiness to bring their first product, exotic heirloom rice varieties indigenous to Sri Lanka, to markets in Sri Lanka and the United States. For Rural Returns, “World Change Starts with Rice.”

Click here to purchase your heirloom Sri Lankan rice and support rural farmers in the country!

Thank you Rural Returns for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What does your community do better than any other?


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