Giveacar for Your Charity of Choice

When I was growing up, our first family car was a 1970’s-ish, orange VW beetle. It was my dad’s pride and joy. As my brother and I got older, my parents changed cars from time to time, but the orange VW beetle was always parked in its spot, on the right side of the paved driveway in our back yard. One day, someone knocked on our house door and offered us $700 for it, and with much convincing from my mom, my dad’s orange bug was sold. I’m certain that my dad would have liked to keep it, but what if there was a more worthwhile future for his trusty friend?

Giveacar, launched in the UK in January 2010, is a non-profit that raises money for a range of registered charities by offering an ethical, hassle-free option of getting rid of people’s unwanted cars. A success both to the general public and to charities, Giveacar has raised over £500,000 and donated to more than 500 charities in just over two years!

Founded by Tom Chance, his vision for Giveacar is to make vehicle donation for charity as common as donating clothes to the local Salvation Army or Big Brothers Big Sisters. As an independent organization, not affiliated with any particular charity, Tom believes that he can raise more funds – with donors choosing a charity that’s closest to their own heart as the beneficiary. He believes “the Giveacar model proves that car donation clearly works in the UK, and given time and visibility, it could generate millions for charity.”

Once donated, the vehicles, if roadworthy, are sent to auction and sold to the highest bidder while cars that are no longer operational are sold for parts or scrap metal through Giveacar’s partnership with a national salvage company.

Donating a car is simple, and Tom wants everyone to know that they’ll take a vehicle in any condition, after all, every vehicle is worth something. Interested in donating your car? Click here.

*The photograph above was by Amer Mujcinovic.

Thank you Giveacar for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What was your first car? What happened to it?


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