Mirakle Delivers on Careers for Hearing Impaired

Working in an office for the past few years, I learned the importance of a reliable courier service; with last minute calls to send packages to customers, designers, or the printers, meeting tight deadlines hung in the trusty hands of those delivering my hours of sweat and tears to their ultimate destination.

Courier services are equally important around the world, and in Mumbai, this key profession is performed through Mirakle Couriers, a team of 44 male courier agents and 20 women responsible for tracking, scanning and sorting packages, who all happen to be deaf.

By employing the deaf Mirakle Couriers is addressing a disability that has been largely ignored in India, as hearing impairment cannot be physically seen. Often misunderstood and mistreated, the deaf in India are viewed as unemployable and have minimal support from government institutions. Working with Mirakle Couriers in a highly competitive, professionally demanding environment, hearing impaired men and women have the opportunity to gain confidence and financial independence, transforming them into supporters of their families rather than dependents.

One challenge faced by the deaf couriers is their inability to drive due to the informal culture of honking amongst drivers in India. The company’s deaf couriers rely on their feet, buses, and trains to deliver packages, which minimizes their carbon footprint, an added environmental benefit.

All communication between the office and field staff is done through SMS text messaging, while the primary language used within the organization and management of teams is conducted through Indian Sign Language (ISL). The management team and all staff are fluent in ISL.

Support Mirakle Couriers by using their services. Click here to see where they deliver.

Thank you Mirakle Couriers for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: Do you know any sign language? What can you sign?


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