You Too Can be Amazing

It’s sad but many of my friends in their early 30’s are spending their days, counting down the years before retirement – when they can finally escape the rat race. It’s not that they hate their jobs or careers but I think they’re tired of the monotonous routine of always having to be somewhere at a structured, fixed time. We all want our time to be our own, with the freedom to travel, explore, and pursue everything we’re passionate about and retirement brings that promise into reality.

There are, however, people who love to work and have a different, more active, approach to retirement.

The Amazings is a social enterprise based out of East London that is perfect for these folks. Based on the concept that retired or those close to retiring have amassed a wealth of knowledge through their experiences, The Amazings is an online platform where these individuals can offer to share their passions and talents with you – the working stiff!

The retired can creating amazing experiences about anything, with crocheting, hungarian cooking and street photography just to name a few! The Amazings “handle the advertising and payments – all the Amazing has to do is decide when they want to run their experience, turn up, be amazing, and then collect the cash.”

Are you retired or soon-to-be retired? Not sure what you’re amazing at? The Amazings team will help you figure it out; check out their next recruiting session here!

Interested in learning something from someone amazing? Click here.

Thank you The Amazings for making our world wonderful!

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What are you amazing at?


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