Build Your First Bike for Africa

My dad taught me to ride a bicycle when I was a growing up, and I still recall riding my bike through lawn sprinklers every summer, around the block, over and over again, until it was time to go inside. It was definitely a highlight of my childhood!

Besides fun and exercise, in different parts of the world, such as Africa, bikes serve important functions such as acting as ambulances, helping children get to school and assisting workers transport heavy loads, food and water.

The Bicycle Academy founded by Andrew Denham and supported by “brazing master” Brian Curtis, who has been making bike frames for over 30 years, is based on a simple principle: “Make a bike. Make a difference.” The company is a bike building school and workshop where you learn and build a bicycle with the understanding that the first bike you make goes to someone who really needs it.

Although Andrew and Brian are the two running the workshop, money was donated through a crowd funding campaign which went towards purchasing brazing stations, pillar drills, jigs and other equipment. With the help of 200 people, some who donated their time and talents, all the needed resources were raised in just six weeks!

Partnering with Re-Cycle and World Bicycle Relief to produce bikes specifically for people in Africa, the bikes built  through the Bicycle Academy use puncture-resistant tires, and are simple and strong enough that they can last five years with little maintenance.

The Bicycle Academy is opening its doors in June 2012, and is offering a course on frame building and a brazing masterclass with more to come. Add your name to their waiting list if you’d like to join them in learning to build a bike, and donating your first bike to someone who really needs it.

Thank you The Bicycle Academy for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: Who taught you to ride a bike?


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