Be a Mule, Make Local Friendships

Have you ever had to stuff a bag full of requested toys and candy for relatives you were visiting? It’s happened to me many times, and each instance, as I approach the check-in counter at the airport, I hold my breath, hoping that I didn’t overstuff and my bag’s not over its weight limit. There’s nothing better though than bringing friends and family goodies they love but can’t get locally.

mmMule is a social travel network that connects locals requesting specific items with travellers who can deliver them. From chocolate bars or bottles of wine to clothing and magazines, mmMule encourages travellers to meet locals through the delivery of goods requested. In return, they receive an authentic travel experience like having drinks with the recipient at a local bar, or enjoying a dinner of local delights at their home.

AngelMule is the same concept but rather than matching travellers with locals requesting consumer goods, it connects travellers to non-profits requesting goods needed for their projects.

Founded by international travellers Andrew Simpson, Avis Mulhall and Alan Mulhall, their goal is to “connect likeminded people in order to get anything you want from anywhere in the world or to experience authentic, local travel experiences, not to mention make awesome new friends from around the globe.”

Currently, requests range from clothes for orphans in Uganda and school supplies in Ecuador, to lost shoes left behind in Malaysia.

If you have any special delivery requests for travellers, click here. To become a mmMule/ AngelMule and see what people need, click here.

Thank you mmMule/ AngelMule for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What do you request from out-of-towners when they come visit?


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  1. Wow thanks for the amazing post – I’m Avis, one of the founders 🙂

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