Bindle Bags Help Homeless Carry On

Homelessness is a problem that affects communities all over the world. Bindle Bags is a social venture working towards raising awareness and fighting homelessness in America.

Founded by Frank Petricoin, the concept behind Bindle Bags is to employ the homeless in Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. to make handbags styled after the bindle sack – a symbol of struggle and perseverance. The company hopes to help people regain control of their lives through its program which teaches participants a tangible skill, provides employment, and a job reference upon completion.

Participants earn a wage based on the number of bags made each day, and also receive 15% of revenues upon the sale of their bags, which include a biography card written by the maker. An additional 20% of bag revenue is directed towards the homeless shelter where the individual stays.

Order your bag today here and contribute to this positive initiative that supports the homeless regain control of their futures.

Bindle Bags is currently raising funds for their venture through Start Some Good. Help them reach their tipping point goal here.

Thank you Bindle Bags for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: Have you ever reached out to someone who was homeless? What did you do?


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