Dimagi Openly Collaborates to Solve World’s Problems

Technology has always intimidated me, but increasingly, it has become much more accessible to even technophobes like myself. Although I don’t have the coolest apps on my phone or account with the hottest social networking platform, I’d like to think that technology and I are amicable acquaintances. One of my interests lie in how technology is being used to benefit those around the world. Dimagi helps to answer some of these curiosities.

Dimagi is a B Corporation of physicians and software engineers that develops custom technology solutions to deliver healthcare to communities around the world. With a focus on resource-poor settings they bring their expertise to create low-cost, scalable technology solutions adapted to some of the world’s most remote locations.

Believing strongly in Open Source and Open Collaboration to make technology as relevant and affordable as possible, one key to Dimagi’s operations is their Coded in Country initiative. The program is “a movement to locally train and groom programmers in developing countries and have them work on projects that directly impact their homelands.”

Active in all its operations ranging from software development and health to education and training, Dimagi’s core is rooted in creating and supporting open source software for healthcare including mobile health, SMS, care coordination and data collection. It’s uplifting to know that companies like Dimagi are using technology to build local capacity and provide low-cost solutions to improve quality of life around the globe.

Thank you Dimagi for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What is one technology item you cannot live a single day without?


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