Andean Collection Turns ‘Seeds to Beads’

I just read an article about the Andean Collection on GOOD, and wanted to learn more about them. It’s always inspiring to read about companies that are doing things that I wish I could be doing, but I guess, as they say, every great journey starts with a first step, and in my case, it begins with a short post.

Amanda Judge, while in rural Ecuador interviewing women facing poverty for an academic paper, learned through her research of the history of creating jewelry from seeds. Inspired to reduce poverty in the region and with, what seemed to be a serendipitous background in jewelry design, Amanda focused her attention to finding artisans driven to create a better livelihood for themselves and their communities.

Recognizing the demand for the unique natural materials, which include seeds gathered from the rainforest floor and ripe pods atop trees, used to create their jewelry, Amanda was inspired to develop a project that brings employment and change to the communities through the fusion of traditional and modern design and access to international markets.

Committed to sustainability, Amanda started design workshops, established business training, and even taught artisans to use email while still on her initial trip to Ecuador. Today, the Andean Collection works with over 40 artisans and their hand crafted, one of a kind jewelry is found in over 1,500 locations globally.

Check out their “seeds to beads” here, and view the entire Andean Collection here.

Thank you Andean Collection for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: Have you ever been inspired on a trip to make change and actually followed through?


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