One of my favourite subjects in school growing up was art. It was a break from the rigidity of math and structure of science; it was a fun escape where you can let your imagination run wild and work in groups with friends to create anything with paints and colourful construction paper, and best of all, there was never a right or wrong answer. Unfortunately, not all children have the privilege to express their creativity, thankfully though, groups like the CRE8 Foundation are bringing them this opportunity.

The CRE8 Foundation is rooted in inspiring collaborative creativity amongst children through art as a transformative agent; it’s fulfilling a need it feels is lacking in education and society in general today, which tends to overlook the importance of nurturing creativity, a life skill that plants the seeds for innovation, passion and bravery, and a strong foundation for better global citizens. “While it (creativity) plays the muse to poetry, painting, and dance, it also powers the engines of science, business, and technology.”

Through CRE8’s workshops in developed and underdeveloped countries, children work towards a common creative goal to discover commonalities, an appreciation and greater understanding between one another while learning to value their individuality through collaboration. “Children who collaborate creatively today will more likely become the artists, innovators, inventors, and inspired citizens of tomorrow who will live in peace with one another and work together productively to care for and advance their world.”

CRE8 Projects include:

  • Ping Pong Concept – collaboration between two individuals where there is a constant back and forth of individual creativity that contributes to a joint artistic piece, i.e.: one participant writes the beginning of the story, another finishes it.
  • Most Realistic Alien – a challenge to draw the most realistic alien to spark abstract thinking, expressing imagination and turning their unique visions into art while contributing to a global art collection.
  • Question and Answer Videos – videos allowing children to ask questions to other children from different cultures around the world, helping them discover commonalities and learn from each other.

To learn more about the CRE8 Foundation’s drawing, film, photography and music projects, click here. You can also support this very worthwhile cause by purchasing prints from their activities here.

Thank you CRE8 Foundation for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: When was the last time you drew something?


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