MADE-BY Someone Somewhere

Would you appreciate your socks, shoes, t-shirts or jeans more if you knew they were made in a sustainable way, under improved environmental and social conditions? MADE-BY is a non-profit started in 2004 with the mission to make sustainable fashion an everyday reality.

Working alongside NGOs and engaging with fashion brands and retailers, MADE-BY offers a number of practical support services ranging from on-the-ground supply chain improvement programs and assisting brands with their sustainability strategies to consumer communications. Longterm consultancy partnerships are tailored to a brand’s individual needs and can include best purchasing practices and sustainable fabrics education.

MADE-BY has also developed tools to increase the transparency of the brands they work with; the Scorecard system measures a brand’s progress year-on-year, which is published online and used to form strategies to improve the company’s social and environmental footprint; the Track&Trace system gives consumers the ability to trace the supply chain of their garments to gain a greater understanding of the people and stages involved in creating the product, while the Blue Button Label is the MADE-BY logo that can be used by partners across their collection to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability within the supply chain and the environment.

Thank you MADE-BY for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: Where were your socks made? Were they made in sustainably?


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