Choose a Healthier Seventh Generation

We are constantly reminded that our environment is changing; people are in flip flops and shorts in the winter, and there’s snow when flowers are in bloom. Whether we think we can make a difference or not, Seventh Generation gives us alternatives to household and personal care products that are healthier for ourselves and the environment.

Offering healthy solutions since 1988 for products ranging from household cleaners and fabric softeners to baby diapers and hand wash, Seventh Generation consistently monitors their high product quality levels while developing ways to reduce their environmental impact and create a more sustainable supply chain.

Seventh Generation’s 2010 Sustainability Report highlights show:

  • 75% of their associates volunteered 1220 hours to help their communities
  • 35% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (per unit) through a decentralized distribution system
  • 68% increase in use of ingredients from plants rather than petroleum in their cleaning agents
  • use of bottles with more than 80% recycled contents that results in less plastic in landfills
Interested in joining the “revolution that nurtures the health of the next seven generations”? Join the Seventh Generation Rewards program and earn points and coupons by testing laundry detergent, turing milk bottles into soap dishes or teaching children a song about the environment; it’s easy, click here for more!
Click here to find Seventh Generation retailers in your community and to shop online.
Thank you Seven Generation for making our world wonderful.
LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: How does a product’s environmental impact affect your purchasing decisions?

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