FOCUS on Differences to Capture Insight

There’s been a stereotype for as long as I can remember about Americans being closed off to cultures and people from different parts of the world, but I’m not sure this is fair. I’ve met many open-minded, culturally sensitive Americans through my travels, and of course, have also run into arrogant, ignorant people across different nationalities. I think it all stems from exposure to our differences from a young age.

FOCUS – Fixing Our Cultural Understanding of Societies provides children ages 9 – 15 in different parts of the world disposable cameras, film, and journals, empowering and mentoring them to document their views and opinions. FOCUS aims to capture imagery and stories to share with Americans to develop “a different perspective on life outside the US and become more culturally aware.” Once gathered, the photography and select journal entries will be published into a book and prints will be available for purchase. Proceeds from sales will be reinvested into continuing the program.

By nurturing children as the storytellers of tomorrow, FOCUS, started by Diana Alvarenga and Julia Bellotti, hopes their stories expressing their everyday issues and sharing their points of view will spark change, while helping their audience gain insight into different cultures and perspectives.

FOCUS hopes to partner with different organizations in Washington, DC, to exhibit the works of the children with the goal of stimulating interest in the arts, highlighting public welfare, and encouraging diversity.

Learn more about FOCUS through their Start Some Good page.

Thank you FOCUS for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: Do you keep a journal? Why or why not?


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