SHOKAY – Luxury Worth Yakking About

Although hopefully winter is behind us and a milder, warmer six months is approaching, it’s always nice to have a warm scarf or hoody for the cool breezy evenings. SHOKAY is the world’s first eco-friendly, fair trade luxury lifestyle brand that uses hand-combed yak fibres sourced directly from Tibetan herders.

Started in 2006 by Harvard classmates Carol Chyau and Marie So, both sharing a passion to promote social enterprise in Greater China, the idea for SHOKAY came about after a trip to Yunnan, where they witnessed poverty but also observed an abundance of resources – Yaks. With very little knowledge of yak fibres or the textile industry, the resourceful pair of entrepreneurs found help from experts from New York to China.

Introducing yak down and creating a market for the luxurious fibre, SHOKAY impacts the lives of marginalized ethnic communities by:

  • providing greater, long term income to herders and hand knitters
  • preserving their culture and traditional way of life, offering an alternative to migrating to cities in search of employment
  • promoting environmental sustainability as raw fibres are naturally shed annually and does not pollute
  • reinvesting profits to aid producer communities

SHOKAY has also set up fibre cooperatives in producer villages “to help grow each eco-system to provide a safe and transparent vehicle for addressing local development,” and creates a healthy, rewarding workplace for the talented hand knitters that bring their collection to life.

Recognized internationally, SHOKAY products can be found in over 100 stores in 10 countries, with their own brand stores in Shanghai, Tokyo and Berlin. Check out some of their newest products here.

Thank you SHOKAY for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: Do you have anything in your wardrobe made of yak fibres?


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