Elephant Juice ‘One Feeds Two’

I came across an interesting article yesterday called Street Food Philanthropy by Richard Johnson; the trend of food trucks and street food vendors – much more complex and varied than the traditional hot dog stand, are taking over the streets, just like social enterprise, so naturally, they are a perfect combination.

Highlighted in the article was the Elephant Juice Soup Co. which is a soup truck in the UK that makes healthy, high quality soups, “the kind you used to get from your mum or your granny,” that promises to feed someone in need, each time a customer purchases a bowl.

Impacted by the recent economic crisis, JP Campbell chose this time to start the Elephant Juice Soup Co., a for profit based out of DUMBO 1 their vintage H-Van, to make it easier to bring their tasty, seasonal soups to locations across Edinburgh, whilst making it easier for customers to consume in a positive way.

To date, the business has provided nearly 6000 meals to hungry people in need. They also sell a variety of merchandise with a direct link to giving – an Elephant Juice Soup Co. hoodie purchase feeds 20. Check out how your purchase can make a difference here.

Interested in having DUMBO 1 make an appearance at your next event to serve fresh soups that have a positive impact?  Click here.

Track down DUMBO 1 and the Elephant Juice Soup Co. via twitter.

Thank you Elephant Juice Soup Co. for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: Which soup reminds you most of your childhood?


One comment

  1. A great article and a great idea and amount of people helped, Good Luck with the project

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