Unstash – A Community of Friends Sharing Stuff

Have you ever looked around your home, paused, and thought you just had way too much stuff? Stuff like a super blender used once during a smoothie phase, a 3/4 tube of caulking left over from resealing the edges of your bathtub, or a collection of self-help books tucked away in a box under your bed? These are the things I immediately thought of when I read about Unstash, an online peer to peer network with the goal to help people share stuff.

We’ve all been in situations where we need things we don’t necessarily want to buy. Unstash offers a platform that empowers us to easily list, share and track things in our communities that we can borrow, which is significantly more ethical, sustainable and fun than “borrowing” from Costco or your local department store. Unstash believes that “by re-embracing simple acts of sharing with one another we can together save money and build friendships, all the while creating a more sustainable planet.”

Want to join the Unstash movement? Currently, the network is by invite only, with the site first launching in Toronto, Canada, but don’t fret, keep posted with their latest developments on the Unstash Facebook page or follow them on Twittter. Help build the community by lending your talents here, or donate to the “make sharing awesome again” movement here.

As they say on their site, why buy when you can borrow?

Thank you Unstash for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What item did you last purchase that you used just once, and is now collecting dust?



  1. Lon

    Thanks for writing about unstash!

  2. It was inspiring to learn about what you and unstash are up to! Great concept!

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