Tomorrow’s Storytellers Documenting Today’s Changemakers

An item on my bucket list is to make a documentary film. I’m not sure how I gained an interest in documentaries, but think it has to do with how reality has always proved, for me, to be more interesting than any piece of fiction. If you have an interest in documenting stories that matter, Actuality Media, is where you can get started.

Actuality Media recounts the stories of people who are making positive impact around the world each day, stories that matter but aren’t necessarily told. The philanthropic production company supports filmmakers who want to create social purpose media through their programs, to produce documentaries about changemakers for sharing across the globe.

Headed by Aubrie Campbell Canfield and Robin Christopher Canfield, Actuality Media offers three core programs:

  • Study Abroad Outreach Program: students research, write, film and edit to create a short documentary film about a changemaker in one month abroad as a group
  • Semester Residency Program: students create three short documentaries individually on different organizations within one city
  • Feature Fellowship: students commit a year to create a full feature film on a changemaker and their movement that is changing the world

Check out some of the student films here.

Not only is Actuality Media mentoring and guiding the purpose-driven storytellers of tomorrow, the company and students together are creating compelling video that “can make the difference for future donations, grants, volunteers, and worldwide attention.”

Thank you Actuality Media for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: Which documentary film made a difference in your life?


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