Tours Show Surprising Reality in Slum

I can’t believe it’s taken so long for me to write a post on Reality Tours & Travel of Mumbai India. Last December, my wife and I joined a guided tour of the Dharavi “slum” with this company and it was a fantastic experience, and definitely a highlight of our trip through India. Seeing first hand the community industries, learning about the daily activities of the people, and walking through the neighbourhoods of narrow alleys and children playing cricket, made famous by the blockbuster film Slumdog Millionaire, was truly eye-opening. The best part of Reality Tours & Travel is that 80% of profits from the tours support the activities of Reality Gives – their sister NGO that operates a kindergarten and community centre for young adults to provide English and computer classes to residents.

Started in 2005 by Chris Way and Krishna Pujari, “Reality Tours & Travel… was set up to show the positive side of the slums and break down its negative stereotypes about its people and residents, and Dharavi in particular.” Their charity, Reality Gives,  was born organically after discussions with the community in Dharavi, to meet the need for additional kindergarten and  educational facilities. More to come on Reality Gives in a future post!

Currently, Reality Tours & Travel offer tours ranging from the Dharavi slum, market and Indian village tours, to bicycle tours of Mumbai and Mumbai by Night. If you find your travels leading you to Mumbai, I highly recommend checking out Reality Tours & Travel, their knowledgeable, easy-going guides, and mapped route of Dharavi give you insight and show that the community deserves much more credit than the term “slum” communicates. Click here to see all the tours they offer.

Thank you Reality Tours & Travel for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What words or images come to mind when you hear the term “slum”?


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