Reality Gives to Dharavi and Beyond

Yesterday I posted about Reality Tours & Travel, an ethically run touring company in Mumbai that offers guided walks through the Dharavi slums, bicycle tours, and sightseeing in India’s villages just to name a few. 80% of profits from their touring operations go back to support local communities, particularly Dharavi with expansion plans for projects in communities like Kamathipura – the red light district in Mumbai, and the village of Chinchoti. Through Reality Gives, their NGO, the company is working towards providing underprivileged communities equal access to opportunities and resources by supporting local projects and mobilizing resources to create change and improve the quality of life in communities where Reality Tours & Travel operates and beyond.

By collaborating with other groups and organizations within communities, and connecting dedicated individuals, Reality Gives supports a range of programs that include:

  • Bombay Underground Art Program which aims to promote art, expression and creative social change to children and young adults, creating a dialogue often left unexpressed of their communities and themselves, emphasizing the connection between art, culture, and empowerment.
  •  Muskaan Kindergarten provides quality education to children through the Muktangan approach, which teaches them to think critically and independently, and stresses the importance of family and community involvement in child development.
  • Project Front Foot (a registered UK charity) which builds cricket kits collected from cast-off and out-grown equipment in the UK and runs a series of coaching clinics, with the help of the Dharavi community, for children living in the slum.
Reality Gives’s achievements and community contributions are many, they have educated 142 students in English and trained 17 teachers from Dharavi who have so far impacted 131 students, just to list a couple. For more on programs run through Reality Gives and their impact, click here.
There are many ways to get involved whether through donations, participating in a tour offered through Reality Tours & Travel,  or volunteering, click here for more information.
Thank you Reality Gives for making our world wonderful.
LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: How are you making your community better?

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