Fast Forward to SLOWCOLOR

In a world where instant gratification and moving at lightning speeds are the norm and often pursued, we are seeing a shift from people who are escaping their fast-paced lifestyles and taking the time to appreciate how things used to be. Just as the Slow Food movement, which recognizes that healthy, high-quality foods naturally take time to cultivate and prepare, SLOWCOLOR is a fair-trade clothing company with similar intentions; its commitment is to preserve handloom weaving and natural-dyeing traditions, while promoting the use of natural textiles.

More than just another socio-eco conscious company, Sanjay Rajan, founder, believes in SLOWCOLOR as a movement, “inspiring all of us to celebrate what makes us human — our thirst for knowledge and creativity, our respect for those with whom we share the planet, and our ability to find beauty in the natural world all around us.”

SLOWCOLOR, through its partnership with a weaver cooperative in India, treasures its artisans who practice centuries-old techniques to manually-power spinning wheels and handlooms, and dye fabrics, a process that may take up to a few weeks, with “gourmet colour” ingredients such as pomegranates, madder root and minerals. The result are beautiful, environmentally sustainable, fair-trade items created by weavers receiving a life-changing wage, and preservation of these languishing arts.

For more on SLOWCOLOR’s values, click here.

Check out their wonderful products here.

Thank you SLOWCOLOR for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What can you do to slow down your life?


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