What’s Good in the Hood is ALL Good

Imagine a newspaper that focuses on the good things going on in a community – everyday teens doing good, rather than suffering, neighbourhood tragedies, sensationalized scandals, and celebrity. What’s Good in the Hood founded by Gladys Gitau in 2009 is a social venture newspaper run by high school students to highlight positive community happenings to change public perception of their city, Lawrence, MA.

By showcasing stories of local programs providing opportunities for Lawrence teenagers and local teens who are excelling, What’s Good in the Hood is inspiring their peers to take advantage of program offerings and encouraging them to reach their full potential; “aiming to generate city pride despite a tarnished reputation.”

Walking the talk, Gladys and the team volunteer locally and use social media such as Facebook and Twitter (@LawrenceWGITH) to generate support and participation for community events. What’s Good in the Hood has already gained significant recognition in its two years of publication, winning a $1,500 grant to start the paper, receiving the Emerging Young Leaders Award from the Lawrence School Committee, and having their own documentary filmed by Storytellers For Good.

Check out their newsletters online here and view their documentary short here.

Help What’s Good in the Hood with their printing costs, travel expenses and support their community projects by making a donation, or if you’re a local business or organization, you can advertise in an upcoming issue. Contact lawrencewgith@gmail.com for more information.

Thank you What’s Good in the Hood for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What’s something good that’s happening in your community?


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