Empowering Ethical Art

Art has always served to empower, provoke thought and entertain, but what if the art purchased to decorate your home or office could also ensure that a child attends school for a year, and provides the artist a comfortable livelihood to continue creating beautiful pieces to provide for their families? Ethical Art, which was just launched this month by founder Iman Fadaei, is striving to make this proposition a reality by selling fair trade paintings done by young artists in Tanzania.

Fully transparent, Ethical Art details their allocation of revenue on their website, illustrating the purchase breakdown and how much is shared amongst sponsoring a child for school, administrative costs, and artist and company profits. Although the fair trade foundation does not officially include art as part of its certification program, Ethical Art, which splits equally its profits with the artists, allows them to pursue their craft sustainably and at a heightened living standard.

“Every painting we sell enables us to sponsor one rural Maasai child to attend school for a year in the Noonkodin Secondary School in Tanzania.” It takes 4 paintings sold to sponsor a child’s entire secondary school education; a creative solution is to purchase one painting and donate £450 to cover the balance for the four years of schooling. By purchasing or sponsoring a child, you can also receive letters and learn of their progress.

Interested in checking out the brightly colour paintings that are 100% original, 100% fair traded and 100% ethical? Click here.

Thank you Ethical Art for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: Where do you purchase art?


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