Blazing Accessories From Reclaimed Fire Hoses

Once in a while I stumble across a company that makes me think “Wow! Why didn’t I think of that?” My latest interest is upcycling and transforming what, to most, is seemingly useless waste into something new, useable and desirable. Elvis & Kresse is a London lifestyle accessories brand that reclaims industrial waste from the UK and takes them on as projects to create something beautiful.

Most notable, and how they started, was by saving de-commissioned British fire hoses headed for the landfill, to create their innovative Fire-Hose range of bags, belts and wallets. After an active 25 year career of saving lives, the fire hoses collected by Elvis & Kresse are scrubbed to reveal the textile that served as their initial inspiration. In return for the hoses, 50% of their profits go back to the Fire Fighters Charity.

Committed to charities related to the waste they collect, Elvis & Kresse make annual donations to numerous organizations such as the Costa Foundation, WWF and Rwanda Foundation just to name a few. “We wanted to make sure our raw material suppliers stayed motivated and as such have made them stakeholders in Elvis & Kresse through the donations to charities that have a particular resonance to that industry.”

Today, Elvis & Kresse reclaim more than 10 different waste materials, and measure success not only by looking at their bottom line, but by the amount of waste they are diverting from landfills, and contributing to charities they work alongside.

For more on this awesome company and to check out their equally awesome products, click here.

Elvis & Kresse are always looking for new inspiration in commercial and industrial waste; if you have any ideas, please contact them here.

Thank you Elvis & Kresse for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: Have you ever transformed “waste” into something new and beautiful?


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