New Soap, Old Bottle

Like the company’s name suggests, New Soap, Old Bottle recycles old plastic pop and glass beer bottles by filling them up with new liquid soap for resale. “Big companies aren’t going to do this on their own. So, we’ll do it for them.” An eco-initiaitve, New Soap, Old Bottle saves two bottles for each one of their soap products sold – the one bottle reused and one that would have otherwise been manufactured.

A simple concept, their goal is to provide a greener alternative to companies for packaging their branded products. Cleaned, processed and sanitized before repurposed as packaging, New Soap, Old Bottle has a line of cleaning products that include liquid hand soap in old Coke Bottles, car wash concentrate in 2L old Pepsi Bottles and all-purpose cleaner in Sprite Bottles filled with Seventh Generation natural all-purpose cleaner.

You can also find your favourite name brand soaps such as Dawn, SoftSoap and Palmolive Ultra in old Heineken Beer Bottles if you prefer.

If you like the idea and want to do your part by upcycling your used bottles into cleaning tools, child safe spray, pump and squeeze tops that screw onto standard bottles are available on their website. If you REALLY like the idea, 5% of New Soap, Old Bottle is up for sale, for more information email:

Thank you New Soap, Old Bottle for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What do you do with your old plastic pop bottles?


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