Hammocks Sway in Winds of Change

There’s nothing quite more calming and peaceful than swinging gently on a hammock to pass a warm, sunny afternoon. That’s the premise behind Yellow Leaf Hammocks which inspires us to “Do Good. Relax.” while joining the hammock revolution.

Started by Joe Demin while vacationing in Thailand in 2010, the concept of Yellow Leaf Hammocks as a social enterprise formed while having a conversation with a shopkeeper selling the beautifully colourful hammocks he was hoping to take home. Joe, intrigued that the design and weaving was from the marginalized Mlabri tribe in the north, changed his itinerary to go learn about the village and its people’s journey from slavery to relative prosperity through weaving, which without global distribution channels and consistent sales, still forced its members to resort to slash and burn farming and to search for work in neighbouring villages.

Recognizing the opportunity to make a change that could possibly transform the region, Joe started Yellow Leaf Hammocks which is founded on:

  1. economic health – creating a sustainable micro-economy; weavers earn 651% greater income than from toxic farming
  2. environmental stewardship – prevention of environmental degradation; one weaver hired removes five from toxic farming and deforestation
  3. social equity – enhancing quality of life; children have the opportunity to pursue education without having to work in the fields to support their families
  4. cultural vitality – supporting cultural preservation and autonomy; weavers use and incorporate traditional skills to earn a more prosperous livelihood

Inspired to do your part? Take on the 2012 Do Good. Relax. Challenge or join the Hammock Nation here.

Thank you Yellow Leave Hammocks for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: When was the last time you were on a hammock?


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