Flipping Your Old Flip Flops

Although it’s raining here today, I’m sure it’s sunny and warm somewhere, and someone out there is wearing flip flops to run errands around town or to hang out at the beach. The FlipFlop Recycling Company is, as its name indicates, a company that collects discarded flip flops littered along coastlines and waterways and transforms them into colourful sculptures, household items, toys, and fashion accessories.

Their slogan – “Cleaning Beaches, Creating Masterpieces,” sums up their passion for helping to conserve the world’s marine ecosystem, and empowering talented craftspeople from local communities to develop business skills, re-imagining waste and transforming the, all too readily available, discarded flip flops into colourful, artistic creations. Through their efforts, the Flip Flop Recycling Company is hoping to create a sustainable impact and bring greater awareness about the ocean and its inhabitants.

Headquartered in Nairobi, the company is always looking for inspired partners to establish supply hubs, production centres and retail outlets. If you’re interested in helping conserve marine life and ecosystems, supply hubs operate at a local level to collect flip flop raw materials to recycle for community production centres, which train artisans to transform the collected waste into flip flop products. Retail opportunities for those looking to start a business enterprise are also available.

Want to see what can be made with flip flops? Click here to download their product catalogue.

Thank you Flip Flop Recycling Company for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What do you do with your old flip flops?



  1. hopeschaitkin

    What a cool article! I had no idea that you could turn old flip flops into art, especially while also cleaning up our beaches! If you’re interested in shoe recycling, you should check out The Green Life’s blog post, How to Recycle Old Running Shoes here (http://wp.me/p2h3OV-lw).

  2. Thanks for the link on recycling old running shoes! It’s great learning how nearly all things can be repurposed somehow.

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