Morphing Sails into Eco-Friendly Product Sales

I’ve been interested lately in companies that upcycle to create their products and giving something considered waste by most a new lease on life. Metamorphic Gear, started by world traveler, avid outdoorsman and sailing enthusiast, Lindsay Lawrence, was conceived when he recognized the quality of sail material that was being thrown into landfills. A highly durable fabric once used to navigate boats across oceans, deserved a better fate, so he decided to create a range of stylish eco-friendly urban lifestyle products with sail materials as the core ingredient.

“When you think about it, by using materials already made, we lessen production of new materials, meaning even less in landfills.” Metamorphic Gear’s products are handmade in the US, and their sails and materials are also sourced locally, minimizing its transportation impact on the environment.

Metamorphic Gear is also committed to allocating 5% of the retail price of each product to cleaning up the oceans. Currently, their donations are targeted towards cleaning up the Midway Islands in the Hawaiian archipelago, home to endangered monk seals and the short-tailed albatross, which are listed as vulnerable. It’s been found that each of 1.5 million birds have plastic in their digestive systems with one-third of chicks dying from plastic consumption – this in an area without human inhabitants.

Want to do your part or help Metamorphic Gear fulfill their vision? Let them know if you have unwanted sailcloth, truck tarpaulin, parachutes, climbing ropes or other materials so they can upcycle them into new products! Contact them here.

To check out their messenger bag, click here.

Thank you Metamorphic Gear for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What ‘waste’ materials in your daily life can be upcycled into something new?


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