Rockstars for Change

Are you a social entrepreneur who grew up with dreams of becoming a rockstar but didn’t have ‘the voice’? Instead, today, you are a leader moving our world towards a better place with your innovative ideas and creative problem solving? Then you just might be a Social Innovation Rockstar: “a charismatic leader who drives innovation to meet social purpose and creates social good.” The term was coined by Yoxi a for-value company which advocates for social entrepreneurs and is an ambassador for brands.

By collaborating with social entrepreneurs to tell their stories, Yoxi aims to “elevate their visibility, increase their influence, raise the stakes, and open up new possibilities for success.” The company also supports a group of Social Innovation Rockstars – through media strategies and access to a global resource network. Ultimately, Yoxi believes that true impact can be achieved when the social innovation movement becomes part of pop culture. “The world needs them to have more visibility and influence, so we do our part by helping them reach a mainstream audience.”

As an ambassador for brands, Yoxi matches them with Social Innovation Rockstars and creates content and media campaigns to help them establish authentic trust and credibility amongst their consumers.

Yoxi has told the stories of Neil Blumenthal of Warby Parker, Katie Salen from Institute of Play, and represent a group of Social Innovation Rockstars including Yasser Ansari from Project Noah and Chid Liberty of Liberty & Justice. For more on these leaders and others that are changing our world, click here.

Want Yoxi on your team? Contact them here.

Thank you Yoxi for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: If you could be any kind of rockstar, movie star, star athlete, social innovation rockstar etc… which would you choose?


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