Powerful SOCCKET Through Uncharted Play

Uncharted Play is changing the game of resource-poor communities around the world through an innovative approach to ‘play’ as a solution for addressing major societal issues and a way to keep fun alive.

SOCCKET, their first product, at first glance is just a soccer ball, however, it is actually much more complex. By playing with the SOCCKET, kinetic energy is harnessed and generated, the ball stores this electrical energy, which can later be used to power lamps, mobile phones, water sterilizers and other useful appliances.

Currently, many of the methods used in communities where the SOCCKET is being introduced use kerosene lamps, diesel generators, and wood burning stoves, which are not only costly and harmful to the environment but also cause millions of deaths annually. The SOCCKET is a healthy and safe alternative that also provides children who lack safe, durable toys, with a premium soccer ball, which just so happens to be an eco-friendly generator that can power three hours of light with 30 minutes of play.

SOCCKETS are distributed by matching funding partners with NGOs and educational organizations on the ground who implement a custom curricula, collect feedback and monitor impact for evaluation. If you’re interested in becoming a distribution partner, email development@unchartedplay.com.

There are many ways to get involved. Show your support by purchasing a t-shirt, donate a SOCCKET to a region of your choice, or hold a fundraiser to raise money to distribute SOCCKETS, click here for more ideas.

Thank you Uncharted Play and SOCCKET for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What toys did you play with growing up? How can they be re-imagined for the greater good?


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