DIY Bamboo Bicycle

I’ve never fancied myself a handyman but after learning about Bamboo Bike Studio, I feel as if building a bike could be within my grasp. Launched initially with Columbia University’s Earth Institute to design high quality, affordable bicycles for consumers in the developing world, using locally sourced bamboo and labour to build bikes for rough terrain and heavy loads, Bamboo Bike Studio has also expanded locally in the US and into Canada.

Starting from a workshop in Brooklyn, bike-making studios are now also in San Francisco, Greensboro, and Toronto, with the company’s headquarters in Camden, Maine. In early 2011, Bamboo Bike Studio opened a bike-making factory in Kumasi, Ghana, training a team of 10 workers to build bamboo bicycles which are lighter, stronger and more adaptable than the imported and more expensive steel-framed bikes used. With an expected potential output of 20,000 bikes per year, the first 750 bikes built are slated to be delivered to various Ghanaian NGOs. The company is planning on opening its second factory in Quinto, Ecuador.

Locally, Bamboo Bike Studio partners with schools to offer bike-making classes “as a means to engage young people in fabrication, engineering, and environmental design” in addition to the bike-building workshops offered at their studios. Think you can manage putting together a bamboo bicycle on your own, you can purchase a DIY kit and parts here, and find instructions on building and maintaining a bike here.

Still need a push to take a class or get started with your bamboo bike DIY kit? 10% of revenues go towards research and development to support their work around the world.

Thank you Bamboo Bike Studio for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: How often do you ride a bicycle?


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