Be Better by Completing Daily Feats

We’ve all been there, we set a goal, whether it’s to watch less TV, eat healthier or volunteer weekly, that requires us to be disciplined and takes steps each day to accomplish, but as time passes and it gets tough, we slowly lose our focus and commitment. There is a solution. DailyFeats encourages us to “Be Better. Take action, make progress, and earn rewards.”

Founded by Veer Gidwaney and Vinay Gidwaney, DailyFeats is a certified Benefit Corporation (BCorp) that is based on two core beliefs on creating change in our society – change starts with small, simple actions (feats) and positive choices we make each day, and the second is that change requires the involvement of organizations with powerful voices.

By helping individuals do good through incentives to form positive habits, DailyFeats and its partners offer a way for everyone to make positive change in their everyday life, and together build a better world consistently spinning at its maximum potential.

As a member, you list a set of goals such as finding a new job or saving money, and DailyFeats breaks down your objectives into manageable daily feats to accomplish, which, upon completion, you “check in”, and your progress is shared with friends to inspire each other. With every check-in you earn points towards redeeming gift certificates from a wide selection of vendors, or partner donations to non-profits.

Ready to commit to a challenge and tackle daily feats? Click here to get started today!

Thank you DailyFeats for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What is something simple you will do today to be better?


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