Support Socially-Driven, Inspired Youth in Cambodia

‘Innovation’ is a word I hear getting tossed around frequently these days – in everything we do, we are encouraged to be innovative, but how do we get there? Kinyei based in Battambang, Cambodia, started by Melina Chan, is a grassroots, open collaboration initiative that supports young Cambodians in realizing their socially driven projects.

Through facilitating partnerships, offering coaching and providing resource support, Kinyei is striving to develop an open space for communication across existing cultural, geographic and occupational boundaries, to leverage the varying perspectives towards positive enterprise outcomes and community-driven social change.

Projects Kinyei currently runs include:

  • Hack – a technology club for members to share and learn about programming, design and electronics, and provides a collaborative environment for working on technology projects.
  • Kinyei Cafe – a place to share ideas, conduct public workshops or peer learning events over a drink, Kinyei Cafe is staffed by youth from disadvantaged backgrounds to gain employable hospitality skills, with profits supporting youth-led social projects.
  • SoksaBike Tours – tours of Batambang with stops at family operated rice paper, fish paste, noodle and rice wine producers where guests are shown traditional production methods. Bike tours employ motivated youth, contributes to local families and supports social projects in the areas visited.

Kinyei just started a fundraising campaign on StartSomeGood. Funds raised will be directed towards training their staff to manage the social enterprises they’re involved in, to make their projects entirely locally sustained and operated for today and the future. Support Kinyei’s campaign here!

Kinyei is also in need of specific equipment for their projects, consider donating items on their list, or, if you’re more hands-on, volunteer with Kinyei. For more information, click here.

Thank you Kinyei for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What does ‘innovation’ mean to you?


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