Krochet To Overcome Poverty

I’ve been thinking about picking up a hobby recently and many crafty friends of mine have been urging me to try crocheting, which they consider a calming and relaxing pastime. I just can’t image myself siting outside on the porch, crocheting the afternoon away, but who knows, maybe if I started today, I could have something resembling a toque by winter. Chances are, I will more likely visit Krochet Kids International, to purchase my hat and support this very worthwhile non-profit.

Started in Spokane, WA as a hobby amongst friends who wanted unique headwear for the slopes, the guys still in highschool began taking custom orders from classmates for their crochet masterpieces. During college, the friends pursued other interests like travelling, and through their journeys a seed was planted to make a difference to those living in poverty in developing nations. With encouragement from family and friends, and lessons learned from a summer in Uganda, the friends realized that by teaching people to crochet, they can empower them to provide for their families and overcome poverty.

Krochet Kids International grew from several bags of yarn and teaching a group of Ugandan women in a simple hut, to today, leading over 150 people in Uganda and Peru towards receiving education, mentorship and sustainable employment. Best of all, the stylish, handmade products bring hope to workers who no longer have to be dependent on outside aid while also inspiring others around the world to make positive change.

Check out Krochet Kids International’s cool collection of headwear, clothes and accessories here.

Thank you Krochet Kids International for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What is a talent you have that can be used to empower others?


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  1. This is a fantastic idea!

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