We Are What We Do

I’ve always been told that we shouldn’t be defined by what we do, and I think, in most cases, it’s referring to what we do for work – how we earn money to sustain ourselves and a lifestyle we’re comfortable with. But, what if what we do inside work and outside, was so fantastic that we did want everyone to recognize us for what we’re doing? We Are What We Do is a non-profit behaviour change company that creates stuff people like, want to buy or use, which have small, positive behaviours built-in to help address major social and environmental issues, helping us to be proud of what we’re doing.

For the past 8 years, We Are What We Do has worked with 100s of companies and charities to engage more people and do more good through their unique approach to behaviour change – marrying creative incentives with new kinds of social creativity.

Their portfolio of work is vast and includes:

  • Historypin, a global archive where people can help create and explore old pictures, videos and recordings, through technology and community projects worldwide, and enjoy conversations around the history of their neighbourhoods from across cultures and generations. Check out the Historypin website here.
  • Change the World for a Fiver, a book based on simple, universally applicable actions encouraging people to positively impact the world around them through their everyday behaviour. The success of this book has spawned other books such as Teach Your Granny to Text and Change the World 9 to 5.
  • Jacques Le Trash, a very noticeable, 12 meter long, pink dragon, appearing at festivals to fill his three bellies with recyclable waste and garbage, and rewards trash donations with bite-mark stamps on festival-goers.
These are only a few of We Are What We Do creations, for more examples of what they’ve created and information on their innovative projects, click here.
Thank you We Are What We Do for making our world wonderful.
LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What is a simple, small action you can take today to change the world?

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