Tap into Glass Water Bottles

I’m lucky enough to live in a place where drinking water runs freely out of any tap in my home, and yet, sometimes, admittedly, there area a few plastic bottles of water in my fridge. I’ve never understood the concept of purchasing bottled water – all the excess plastic waste that gets left behind afterwards, especially in places where tap water is just as clean and tasty as anything one can find on store shelves.

Faucet Face is on a mission to make tap water cool again by taking steps to counter, with a glass bottle marketing makeover, the millions of dollars spent by bottled water companies selling the image of pristine, fresh mountain water captured in their bottles as superior to water flowing from our taps. I had never thought about it like this before: “Unfortunately (tap water) has never had much of a marketing budget to help it stand up for itself.”

According to Faucet Face, Americans alone dispose of 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour, which find their way to landfills and into oceans where wildlife such as the albatross mistaken small pieces of plastic as food, leading to tragic consequences. Bottled water has also shown to possibly leach hormone-disrupting chemicals and the transportation of packaged water needlessly produces CO2.

With their uniquely designed glass bottles that promote tap water, Faucet Face is committed to not only decrease the negative environmental impact caused by our skewed perception of bottled water’s superiority, but provide clean water to residents in outskirt towns in India. When four Faucet Face glass bottles are purchased, the company, through their local non-profit partner TMA, will manufacture and donate a BioSand filter to a family, ensuring their access to a safe water source.

To purchase Faucet Face bottles and in the process help promote tap water consumption and contribute to safe water for those in need, click here.

Thank you Faucet Face for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What are your thoughts on tap water versus bottled water?


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