Make Your Three Square Feet Better

From the gas station attendant to the lady choosing oranges beside me at the grocery store, I sometimes wonder how many people I come into contact with each day and if our interaction has had any impact on them. I guess it could if I wanted it to. Three Square Feet is a movement founded by David C. Johann based on the idea that each day is an opportunity to bring kindness to others.

Simple acts like smiling at passers-by or saying “thank-you” to the bus driver, if done individually by everyone within their own Three Square Feet, can have a powerful impact on our world. Many of us are often wanting to do something positive in our communities or for the world but can’t find the time or get caught up in our daily routines, so Three Square Feet sells pendants, earrings and pins to remind us to make small differences each and every day.

With each sale, a donation of three dollars is directed to individuals, groups and organizations in the country where the Three Square Feet accessory was sold. The donations are country specific – Canadians support other Canadians, Chinese support Chinese and so on.

Join the movement today, click here to purchase your reminder that you can make a positive difference, regardless of how big or small, each day. Get inspired by those who have already committed to making their Three Square Feet positive by reading their stories here.

Thank you Three Square Feet for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What have you done with your Three Square Feet today?


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