WEWOOD Timepieces From Wood For Trees

In an age when most people are connect to their mobile phones from the time they wake up to the moment they fall asleep, I wonder if the wristwatch is still something worn for function or primarily as a fashion statement. WEWOOD, started in Italy and now based in Australia, designs eco timepieces fashioned from wood ranging from Maple to Guaiaco.

Made from 100% natural wood and free from artificial and toxic materials, the trendy watches bring a unique approach to sustainability. In partnership with American Forests, WEWOOD is committed to plant one tree for each watch sold in an effort to rebuild our endangered ecosystems and keep our earth healthy. American Forests is a nonprofit and world leader in conservation and environmental restoration. Since being established in 1875, the organization through its dedication, has planted over 35 million trees in 14 states and 10 countries with the goal of reaching 100 million trees planted by 2020.

WEWOOD watches are made from a variety of trees which give them their distinct colour and style. Red Wing Celtis (Brown), primarily used for flooring applications – its waste, which would otherwise be destroyed, is used by WEWOOD, Ebony (Black), is a wood believed to ward off evil spirits, Maple (Beige), wood often used to create instruments like violins, guitars and for smoking food, and Guaiaco (Army) alternatively used in pharmaceutical preparations of herbal teas, all contribute to the fashionable line.

Check out the range of WEWOOD watches here, and keep in mind that with each purchase, a tree is planted!

Thank you WEWOOD and American Forests for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: In today’s world, do you wear your watch mostly for fashion or for function?


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